Wish List

We are often asked, "What do you need?" and "What can we do to help?" Below you will find our wish list for the shelter. Those consumables that we need all the time are highlighted. We would love to have you stop by for a vist and make some wishes come true!



Liquid Laundry soap - Must be High Efficiency


Canned dog and cat food

Cat and Dog treats

Pill Pockets

Pet Carriers (all sizes)

Collars - all sizes

Leashes - simple 'slip' leads and also snap-on leashes


Baking soda

Scoopable Cat Litter

Copy Paper

Paper Towels

Large floor squeegee (minimum 24")

Extra large dog bowls to use for water

Barrel High Capacity Fans (Large fan like the ones in feed stores. Need two)


Industrial type mop buckets



Live animal traps (to use in our feral cat program)


We love hand-me-downs. If you are cleaning out your office and find you have extra file folders, a stapler, scissors, highlighters, ink pens, notepads, colored markers, scotch tape, blank notecards, etc., we would love to take that stuff off your hands. If you splurge and buy yourself a new rake, think about handing down your old one!


And coupons! When you clip coupons for your family, if you see a coupon we could use, please clip it for us! We try to be as smart with our money as we possibly can and, as we all know, every little bit helps.


We are also in need of people with professional services willing to assist with their expertise:

  • Groomer
  • Lawn Care Service
  • Cleaning Service
  • Construction/Handyman
  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Fund Raising Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator



But you want to know what we really wish for? We wish for fewer animals coming

in our front doors. We wish for more animals going out the front doors. Please

encourage your friends and neighbors to spay and neuter their pets. Spread the

word about the benefits of spaying & neutering. This is the only way to make a

real difference in the number of homeless and unwanted pets in our area. And,

when you or a friend or relative is ready for a new pet, please promote Shelter

adoptions. If we don't have what you want right now, chances are good we will

in just a few days! Together, we CAN make a difference.


As always, thank-you, thank-you,

thank-you for your support!

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