Happy Tails



This is a story that continues to touch our heart and we are delighted to bring this Happy Tail to our readers. First you should know that the dog on the left is Sadie, beloved family member of Ray and his wife Connie. The little “mini-me” on the right is Sophie, a young Shih Tzu found wandering along a country road scared, lonely and somewhat bald due to a severe flea allergy.


This sweet little dog was brought to SCHS where she eventually found her Forever Home with Ray and Connie. Ray routinely brings Sophie by the Shelter for a reunion with our staff & recently shared his thoughts about this special and loving little dog.


Sophie is a true blessing for us. She is the sweetest baby ever & wakes me with kisses every morning. From day one, Sophie became my shadow. Everywhere I go, there she is. I am so madly in love with her! She is a wonderful little angel.


After only a few weeks, Sophie changed so much. She opened up and is more out-going in our home. If the toilet paper is hanging down and we go somewhere, it will be run all up and down the hallway. My wife and I laugh so hard when we see that. Sophie is such a little comedian.

Her integration into our home has been very successful with no problems at all with our other dogs. She and Sadie are the best of friends! Sophie sleeps in her own bed with the little stuffed toy given to her by the Humane Society when we adopted her. She later climbs in bed with us during the night just to be close to us.


Sophie helps me with anxiety problems due to my disability. She makes them disappear. I only feel love when I am around her. She is such a loving little girl. I can understand how the entire SCHS staff fell in love with her. She has a very loving spirit.


Sophie really is a very special little girl and completes our family. I am happy we were able to adopt her. I thank you and all your staff for having Sophie there where we could adopt her.



Andre is a young Maine Coon mix who came into the Shelter looking for his New Leash on Life.  Amber and husband Mark made that dream come true when they adopted Andre into their home, complete with two cat-brothers (Babycat and Gunner) and one dog-brother (Sarge). Amber recently sent along some pictures and an update about this very lucky cat.


By the way, that’s Babycat (black & white) on the kitchen counter with Andre. The cats are allowed on this particular kitchen cabinet – called Cat Alley – so that their food is out of Sarge’s reach!


Taken from Amber's recent update emails:


The first picture I saw of Andre I thought he was beautiful and I kept coming back to him.  He “called” to me and I am glad we are able to give him a good home.  He has settled in well and has taken over the couch, and my sewing room, and my husband’s side of the bed, and is getting along very well with the others.  Although I think Babycat was begging me to take him back those first few days.


Like all new additions, it started out a little rocky.  There was a lot of screaming and spitting, and hissing, and minimal bloodshed (mostly Sarge).  But after about 3 days, they actually started to engage each other and they are fast friends now.

Gunny still keeps his distance but does play with Andre.  I think he is just feeling him out.  Sarge seems to think Andre is a new toy for him to play with.  And Babycat doesn’t mind his new brother as long as he has a little bit (translation: most of the bottom section) of the bed at night.  I think Mark and I are going to have to get two separate Queen sized beds: one for us and another for the animals.



SCHS recently received this picture of this gorgeous German Shepherd named Mia and this message:


"Mia  is a wonderful dog and walks great on the leash. She does great with all my children, even my 18 month old and gets along with Toto, the little Yorkie. She is a joy to our family! We love her so much! Thank you!"


We are so proud to bring you this Happy Tail! In early spring 2012, SCHS assisted our local Sheriff's Office in rescuing a female, nursing German Shepherd and five-week old puppies from deplorable conditions. Bailey (the Mama Dog) and her puppies were horribly flea infested & under-nourished. We loved on them, kept them safe, gave Bailey lots of extra food and TLC and got everyone back to full health. Mia is one of these puppies! Isn't she gorgeous?


P.S. As you can imagine, all puppies and Bailey found great homes. Another SCHS Success Story that makes all that we do very, very worthwhile!



Meet Kirby! This beautiful 8-year old dilute Calico was adopted from SCHS when she was just a kitten. One of her favorite things to do is to survey her world while lounging on the family pool table!


In the words of Kirby's Person:


According to the adoption papers Kirby was about 7 weeks old when we adopted her in August, 2004.  My husband decided we needed someone to keep Katy company after we lost Buzz.

We went to the Shelter and Kirby kept climbing up his jeans....so I guess you could say that she picked us. Hard to believe we’ve had her 8 years.   And I don’t think Katy has ever believed she needed company.


Katy (grey and white cat) was adopted on my birthday in January, 2002, also from SCHS.



We recently received pictures and a great update from a couple who adopted two of our cats. Such a treat! And what lucky cats! As a point of clarification, Copper is the tawny colored tabby in the sink (what is it with cats and sinks?!) and Sundance is the orange and white cat.




It’s been almost a year now since we adopted Copper and Sundance and they have brought us nothing but joy. Copper is the biggest cuddle-kitty I’ve ever seen and Sundance is just a little bundle of quirky goofiness.  Every morning Copper crawls into bed with my boyfriend, and helps to get him up and about; she is always willing to receive a good petting and spends her time lounging around on their “five thousand dollar” cat tree. Sundance follows me everywhere I go in the apartment. He’s also quite the little bug-hunter and makes sure that I have to deal with as few creepy-crawlies as possible.

We try our best to spoil both of them as much as we can with countless toys, several beds, and their favorite thing in the world: The $5,000 Cat Tree. My boyfriend's boss was nice enough to construct the tree for us based on commercial trees we liked. The reason for its name is due to the amount of custom woodwork he put into it to make sure it is  as sturdy as possible as well as splinter-free.

I have also gotten Copper harness-trained and take her outside to explore every so often since she always seemed to want to get out. I’ll be doing the same for Sundance as well once we can get a harness for him.


We couldn’t be happier with the two of them and look forward to many long years ahead.



We recently received a great update on a dog we adopted over a year ago to Judy from Amarillo, Texas. Read below and learn the story of Frankie (formerly known as McGuire.) We love our Happy Adoption Stories!


On 12-29-2009 I traveled to Duncan, OK from Amarillo, TX to adopt a dog called "McGuire" that I saw on your web site ."  It was love at first sight for me, although the dog did not seem impressed with me.


After  McGuire was neutered and shaved, I met two of your wonderful volunteers in Hollis, OK  on January 7 to pick up my new family member.  I changed his name to Frankie and he didn't seem to be offended.


The next day, Frankie had his first vet appointment and was found to be in great shape except for an ear infection for which he was treated.


Frankie graduated from obedience school in February, 2010.  He was third in his class -- out of a class of three.  I was proud of him for completing the course and even learning  a "trick" as part of his final exam.  He is a sweet and gentle boy and loving companion.


We walk (very fast) 1 1/2 miles a day -- weather permitting.  The wind is the only thing that really holds us back, since he is prone to ear infections and his long ears fly up in this Texas wind.


The attached photo shows Frankie with me and my son this Christmas.  Thank you for your web site where I first saw my sweet dog and we started on our journey together, and for the opportunity to meet your dedicated staff and volunteers.



Amarillo, TX



The little Japanese Chin named Wasabi came in as a stray via Animal Control. His coat was in rough condition and he was missing some hair. But, nothing could slow down this little guy's optimistic & happy outlook on life. He was in our Shelter only a very short time before being spotted on Petfinder by Laurie. And, the rest, as they say, is history!


Hi, all!  After 3 weeks, I love Wasabi more and more!  He's so full of energy! He's made himself quite at home and loves his new family very much!  Much to my surprise, he didn't have any problem adjusting to the cats and they had no problem with him.  It was like he had been here all along.  He came to us completely un-house broke, but that took no time at all.  He only had a few accidents and is now completely house broke.  He goes to the door and scratches when he has to go.  I'm so happy with him!  The hair on his rear is growing back quickly and he's starting to get that Chin tail back already!


He has a dozen different chew toys and can't decide which one he wants to play with.  He has to have at least 2 in bed every night and lays his head on his favorite one when he goes to sleep.  He runs around the back yard at 100 mph a few times a day and its so fun to watch! He gets his little biscuits and likes to find places to "bury" them.  I have treats "buried" all over the yard and the house.

Too funny! In the morning, he remembers exactly where he "buried" them and retrieves them, one at a time.  The first couple of nights, I made him sleep in the kennel because of the house training issue.  He figured out the nightly routine very quickly, though, and on the third night when I came out of the bathroom, he was sitting in the middle of my bed as if to say, "this is where I'm sleeping tonight"!  He's been there since, and beats me to bed every night (with his toys!).


I just can't imagine why someone would abandon him, but I'm so glad they did.  He is so social and shows no adverse affects from his past troubles.  When people come to visit, he greets them with a wagging tail and bounces happily about until he gets a pat on the head.  I love him SO MUCH!  And I thank you with all my heart for hooking us up!  He is truly a special little guy and I'm so lucky to have him!



Isn't Louie beautiful? Louie is a French Bulldog who came to the shelter in early summer, 2010 with a few health problems, but lots of spunk and lots of potential. A family from Tulsa, Oklahoma spotted Louie on Petfinders shortly after he came into the Shelter. A few emails, a few more pictures, a couple of phone conversations and that's all it took! Louie had his New People and his Forever Home! His new family have worked diligently to get his health back on track and make him a real member of their family. They recently sent a progress report at the same time they sent these pictures ...


Louie is doing so much better. He has gained some weight, and his little personality is starting to come out more and more. He is an absolute joy to have. He is the best dog we have ever owned! Such a wonderful little guy, and he gets along great with our little girl.



Hi everyone! I adopted Jethro the pomeranian from y'all about a month and a half ago and I wanted to give y'all an update! Well Jethro just didn't fit him so I renamed him Tsumalii. It's an African name and since he looks like a little lion I figured it fit. I also call him Clark Kent because I say he can fly like superman! He can jump an amazing length, whenever people come over we show them his trick. I'll put the ottoman about 4 feet from the couch and then call him and somehow he just flies through the air.


I was most worried about my 14 year old cat when I was thinking about getting a dog but Tsumalii and Leia get along very well! He even likes to lay with her sometimes.  We found out he has seperation anxiety which ultimately just made us bond even faster because I couldn't leave him alone at home. My friends and sorority sisters have all elected him our official mascot because he is always with us (and he is just so cute).


He finally got fixed yesterday which was exciting. I worked at a vet's office for a year and I knew nothing bad was going to happen but I still cried when they had to take him from me. I picked him up today and he did so great! He got through his surgery like a champion!


He loves to play fetch which is really wonderful because I've never had a dog who did. I could go on and on about how perfect he is so I think I should end now. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to have him and that he is the perfect dog for me! I feel so fortunate that I found him on Petfinder and that he was still available when I called!



Bambi was found outside our shelter as a "drop off" one night as a very young pup. Her Left front leg was so mangled that it could not be saved. The Friends of the Humane Society chose to sponsor all her surgeries and care as there was just something so special about this pup whose determination was incredible. She was raised and fostered at June's house, one of the Friends members. June loved Bambi and cared for her every need, but soon realized that Bambi needed a family that could ultimately give her more.


Well! GREAT NEWS and a HAPPY TAIL! A wonderful family adopted Bambi - a family with four kids, two of whom have disabilities. We received this picture and the email below from Mrs. Gordon. It took a huge group effort to get this special dog her special forever home.

The "Friends" foot the bill for her injuries as a pup, June fostered her for about 10 months, numerous others had time, love and care wrapped up in this dog, A wonderful family at Bark in the Park sponsored her and finally her Adoptive family found her (they also gave a monetary donation even though they didn't have to). Nice work everyone! Take a moment to enjoy a good success story!  To read more about this story, go to:  http://www.blackdogrescueproject.com/Dog-Rescue-Stories-Bambi.html




Hey all!


 Just thought I would drop a line and let you know Bambi is doing well.  We call her Roxy now, and she's so clever that she already knows its her name.  She and my other dog Nikita (rat terrier mix) are getting along fine.  They love to chase eachother around the yard.  Roxy is somewhat obsessed with our cat Sasha who's not quite ready to come out of hiding, but that will work itself out in time!  Roxy is every bit as patient with the boys (both 3!) As I expected.  She is very loved and I am very grateful to have her in our family!!!


Thank you SCHS!!

Molly Gordon and Family

I just wanted to send a few pictures and let you know that Jax (formerly known as Hank) is doing great! He is the sweetest dog. He loves giving kisses, not only to people, but to his new sister Tink. She humors him and lets him lick her on the nose. In return, he lets her chew on his ears.


I couldn't have imagined a better dog as a playmate for her. They love to chase each other in the back yard and play tug with the toys. We've already had many stuffed animals dismembered by their antics.

Jax is so good natured and easy going that he settled in very quickly. As you can see from the pictures, he has already made himself at home. He and Tink have taken over my favorite chair and our bed, even though there are 6 doggie beds scattered throughout the house for them to lay on.


I'm trying to get more pictures. The only problem - he doesn't like to stand still. Also, once the weather warms up, and the snow melts, I'll send some pictures of him playing in the yard.


Thank you and your staff for giving him such good care and love in the four months that you had him.


Your efforts made it easy for him to go to a new home. We already love him, and think he'll be happy in his forever home here in Colorado.





Adopted a pup from you guys a couple years ago.  Little black and white border collie mix that you guys had named Skye.


Her name is Molly now and she has turned out to be a wonderful dog.  When we first got her we had some trouble with her chewing up a couple pair of sandals, but she gave up on that very quickly and has never been a problem since.  We were able to leave her unattended way sooner than the other dog we had at the time because she just never did anything she wasn't supposed to.  She loves playing with her fuzzy toys and slinging them around like she's trying to kill them.  She's very loving and is content to just be close to us.


This picture was taken not long after we got her ...  We thought it was really funny.  We caught her outside playing in the mud/water.  The look she's giving just screams, "I'm not bad."  hehe



When this darling border collie was dropped off at the shelter, a note was found secured tightly under her collar. It read:


My Name is Angel


I'm 2 yrs old. My birthday is April the 15th . I'm fixed and I have all my shots, they're good till June 2010. I'm good with children and I've lived in the open country all my life. My perants lost there income so they no longer can aford to take care of me. I need a good and Healthy life to live and someone who can take care of me. I'm house Broken so I won't potty every where and like I said I love children and I love to be loved.

I know my perants are going to miss me but they are having it very rough. They chose to feed me instead of them Self. So Please help me find a good Home. "I'M SORRY"


You can imagine how this story touched our hearts & we think about this family often. We hope things have gotten better for them and we hope they have checked our website and know that ... Angel has been adopted to a wonderful family and will live in the country ...

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