Breed Specific Legislation

Our Position on BSL


BSL - Breed Specific Legislation. There are all kinds of slogans out there and we have heard them all. We are not going to defend our position on BSL using a bunch of slogans and poster phrases. We will tell you straight up and flat out - SCHS opposes any form of Breed Specific Legislation. And we defend our position based on real-time, personal, hands-on experience day in and day out at the Shelter. Let's not ignore the elephant in the room - when people talk about BSL, they are primarily talking about the Bully Breed dogs - specifically Pit Bull Terriers.


We will agree that this breed has been misused, over-bred, inbred, manipulated and mistreated. We will never agree that - as a breed - it is bad and should be categorically banned simply because it is. We have seen too many wonderful, friendly, sensitive and eager to please Bully Breeds (of all types & combinations), Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Chow Chows and  German Shepherds to ever support any kind of legislation that would limit or restrict a person's right to own one - and the dog's right to live.


The aforementioned breeds are strong breeds and they need to be properly placed. No question about it. As do ALL dogs. There is no one breed of dog that can be said to be 'perfect' in all situations. Even America's most beloved breed - the Labrador Retriever - the beautiful, affable & easy to get along with Lab needs a job to do, needs structure and regular exercise or he will become destructive, hard to handle and a trouble-maker within the family.

Throughout much of America's history, the Pit Bull or American Staffordshire Terrier were beloved family pets, known as the Nanny Dog because of their loyal, attentive concern for the family's children.

So, what do we support? We support education. We support proper placement of a breed type with the family it is joining and the environment and job it will have within that family. But mostly we support spay/neuter laws. Until shelters and rescue facilities are empty and their employees are flipping through catalogs with nothing to do, we will call for spay/neuter legislation. There are too many Bully Breed & Bully Breed mixes; Shepherd mixes, Rottie mixes, and so on ... and the supply will always exceed the demand.


BSL is not the answer. Education, responsible ownership and spay/neuter regulations ... that's the answer.


(The picture is Peanut, a wonderful, active, curious & full-of-life, young Bully Breed adopted out of the SCHS Animal Shelter. One of many.)

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