60 for 60 Seniors Program

60 For 60 Seniors Program


Occasionally we have animals – both dogs and cats – that are particularly suited for our senior citizens. The adoption fee for one of these animals is only $60.00 when adopted by a person over the age of 60.


What makes a dog or cat eligible for this program?


60 for 60 animals will be calm, responsive, well-mannered animals who are content to sit alongside their Person while watching TV or working a crossword puzzle; or sitting under a shade tree while their Person works in the flower beds. A 60 for 60 dog will play & keep you entertained, but also know when it's time to slow down and enjoy leisurely walks around the block. Ideally, 60 for 60 dogs will be good travelers and like visiting other friends and family. A 60 for 60 cat will greet you at the door, take afternoon naps with you, and purr, purr, purr as long as you can scratch behind her ears.


In short, our 60 for 60 dogs and cats are true Gentle lady or Gentle man companion animals.


The 60 for 60 program focuses on identifying those pets best suited for our older citizens, and

recognizes the fact that most seniors are on a fixed income and the reduced adoption fees can

really make the difference between being able to get a pet or not. When we have an animal so

perfectly suited for the warm and loving home offered by a senior citizen, it just makes good

sense to try to make that happen.


Health Benefits


Study after study by doctors, social workers, home health care providers and geriatric associations all show the proven, tangible benefits of pet ownership for senior citizens. Pet ownership relieves depression, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. Pet ownership lifts spirits and brings a smile and a sense of purpose to one’s life. Pet ownership has positive effects on physical and mental well-being. The picture on the right is Tiki - adopted by a very young 60+ Person - and now living the good life in a small town in South Central Oklahoma. Good job, Tiki!


Companionship. Pets serve as a buffer against isolation and loneliness. Pets love unconditionally and that is a powerful thing. Pets bring laughter and love into a household and make seniors feel needed and loved.


Purpose. The care-taking role involved with pet ownership provides older people with a sense of purpose and responsibility and encourages them to be more active in day-to-day activities. Seniors keep active and stay focused just by the daily tasks of feeding, grooming and caring for their pets. Dogs get the elderly out of their homes and into the fresh air and sunshine. Pets are instant conversation magnets, inviting conversation and social interaction. Seniors need to socialize to maintain good mental health & a pet can be just what the doctor ordered to promote conversations and other social activities.


Reassurance. There is undeniable, conclusive proof in the value of touch. People need to be hugged and to hug in return. The physical contact between a senior and her pet provides a sense of reassurance, safety and satisfaction. Stroking a beloved pet can lower blood pressure and lift depression.


Responsibility. Pets give the elderly a sense of independence, boost self-esteem and motivate them to perform daily tasks that may otherwise be ignored. Pets promote the need for standard routines around the household.


Safe & Secure. Pets give the elderly a sense of security. Dogs alert them when someone comes to the door. Seniors feel safer answering the door when there is a dog present. Dogs can also alert seniors who are hard of hearing to a ringing telephone or the ringing of a door bell.


What to do Next?


Call the Shelter at 580-252-7387. Ask to speak with our Shelter Director and tell her whether you are interested in a dog or cat and find out who is in the 60 for 60 Program. They can tell you over the phone who we have available – age, breed, coat type, personality traits, any special needs, and other background information. You can also drop us an email at schs@att.net.


Then you can come visit. We’ll help you meet the dogs and/or cats you might be interested in, sit with you through the “introductions,” give you all the time you need, answer any questions and make sure you are comfortable with the animal you have chosen. And if you need to go home and think about it; we can place an “adoption pending” hold on that dog or cat until you have made up your mind.


We will work with you and we are certain we can get you matched up with your perfect pet!

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