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Hours of Operation

Mon: Closed

Tues: 12:00 noon - 4:00pm

Wed: Intakes Only

Thurs: 12:00 noon - 4:00pm

Fri: 12:00 noon - 6:00pm

Sat: 12:00 noon - 6:00pm

Sun: 12:00 noon - 2:00pm NO Intakes on Sunday

*We accept intakes Tuesday - Saturday from noon until 4:00 pm. Please call first - if quarantine is full, we will need to schedule the intake.
*We are closed on all major holidays

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Stephens County Humane Society of Oklahoma|Promote Your Page Too

Welcome to the website of the Stephens County Humane Society.  We are very proud of the service we provide to Stephens County, Oklahoma and the wonderful animals we adopt into their forever homes across the country. 


If you are looking for a new family member - please, think Shelter Pets first!!


Well, it is time to think about Valentine's Day gifts. Please consider supporting SCHS when making your list.

These cupcakes and cake balls (new this year) are delicious!
We've even added more icing this year, and the presentation is beautiful!  

All money raised from the SCHS fundraisers directly benefit the dogs and cats of our Animal Shelter. Costs to operate the Shelter are estimated at $10.00 per animal/per day.

So you see how important our fund-raisers are! Our cupcake fundraiser is a very important source of income for us ... but only with your help! Please call  580 641-0667 or 580 656-7059 to order.
Delivery by our cute dalmatians is $10 extra.

SCHS Cupcake Fundraiser



We are so excited about another fundraiser!

Patty Wininger brought this fabulous book to SCHS as a potential fundraiser. With her talent and the generous support of our local sponsors - 100% of the sale of these books will be used to care for unwanted animals. 

$20 Each BookGoodnight Duncan


American Scents - 1515 N. Hwy 81, Duncan - 580-475-0055

Cedar Cove Studio Arts - 1001 W. Cedar, Duncan - 580-606-0488

Distinctive Decor - 901 W. Main, Duncan - 580-252-9494

Stephens County Humane Society Shelter
714 W. Martin Luther King Blvd, Duncan - 580-252-7387

The Mix Marketplace & Tea Room - 726 W. Main, Duncan - 580-255-2499

To order books to be mailed, please call Patti Whitaker at 580-641-0667


WoofTrax app



SCHS will be having on-site pet adoptions each 2nd and 4th Sat. of the month at Petco in Lawton OK.  

All of the animals we will be introducing will be neutered or spayed and ready to go to their Forever Homes, so please stop by and say hi!


"THANK YOU! The Staff and Board of Directors of Bark in the Park 2013Stephens County Humane Society sincerely and humbly thank the supporters, friends, guests and volunteers who came together to make this year's Bark in the Park event our best ever.


Blessed with beautiful weather and graced with beautiful, well-loved dogs, we had a great day and raised nearly $46,000 for the homeless and unwanted animals in our care. From our Top Dog & Tee-shirt sponsors to the people who dropped loose change in a Donation Jar, we thank you all!

Bark in the Park 2013 dalmationWe're already planning next year's event ... and we'll see you there!"






Dog needs grooming

If you would like to donate a grooming session or donate your services (as a Groomer), call 580-641-0667.
It has been proven that these services can dramatically increase opportunities for adoption.


Cat Spay & Neuter Clinic

Best thing we can do about Kitten Season? Have FEWER kittens! Is your female cat spayed? Is your male neutered?


Our Shelter vet, Dr. Shaunda Collinsworth will spay or neuter your cat AND give the rabies vaccination for a mere $35.00!! See flyer for details or call Nicole at the Shelter if you have any questions.

Please consider donating an item to our WISH LIST.  Just drop the item by our shelter, or drop it in the mail.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.    

  • Dog Collars-all sizes
  • Leashes
  • Canned Cat Food
  • Canned Dog Food
  • Pill Pockets
  • Dog and Cat Treats
  • Peanut Butter
  • Catnip
  • Cat Toys
  • Hard, Kong-type Dog Toys
  • Copy Paper
  • Gift Card-Officemax
  • Gift Card-Tractor Supply
  • Gift Card-Orschelns
  • Gift Card-Walmart
  • Bleach
  • Paper Towels
  • Dishwasher Detergent
  • HE Laundry Detergent
  • Pet Partner Sponsorship-$100

Show your support! SCHS is a 501(c)3 charity and all donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent of federal and state tax laws. We exist solely through the generous donations of our supporters. Please donate today & help give an animal a New Leash on Life!

Interested in regular donations? Make it easy on yourself! We now offer an automatic withdrawal option. The amount you specify can be  withdrawn automatically from the checking or savings account of your choice. Click here Debit Authorization Form to get you started or call SCHS Treasurer at 580/606-3361 for more information.


Who We Are

We are a Humane Society and Rescue organization serving Stephens County, Oklahoma and it's communities. We work closely with local municipal animal control departments in providing shelter to abandoned, abused, and surrendered animals, and finding homes for as many adoptable pets as we possibly can. We stress spaying and neutering as the one key way to prevent unwanted puppies and kittens. Overpopulation will only be eased through effective spay and neuter practices. 

Spay/neuter costs are included in our adoption fees. Also included is heart-worm testing for dogs, and feline leukemia testing for cats, a rabies vaccination as required by state law, and age appropriate vaccinations. Our adoption fee for dogs is $100.00. The adoption fee for cats is $75.00. A complete bargain for getting a healthy new member of the family who will be eternally grateful that you are giving him or her a Forever Home.


Intake Procedure

SCHS is an open access shelter. We take all animals, excepting only the very ill, the very aggressive or city strays that must be processed through a city's animal control department. We do not have a minimum 'hold time' on any of our animals; based on the high intake numbers we routinely experience, we simply do not have available space to do so. 

With every county stray intake, we assess the dog and make a determination 1) whether someone may be looking for it, 2) its adoptability and 3) available space. This assessment includes:

Is there a missing dog report on any of the local lost and found pages; or has someone filed a lost dog report with SCHS? Is the dog wearing a collar, is it micro-chipped? Is the animal intact or has it been altered, indicating that at some time someone cared enough about this animal to get it spayed or neutered? Is it social, indicating that it has recently come from a loving environment?

What is the report from the person who surrendered the dog? How long has the dog been noticed as running loose? What is the physical condition? Is the dog healthy and well-fed or thin and malnourished, indicating a long-term stray status?

Lastly, available space must be taken into condition: what kind of room do we have? The maximum number of dogs we can have in our kennels is between 30 - 40. Based on space alone, the very sad fact is that we are often forced to euthanize healthy, adoptable animals simply because of a lack of space. If we have room for three dogs and we have a total of seven in quarantine, we must make a determination (as outlined above) on which dogs to keep.

We explain our intake procedures to every person who surrenders an animal to us - dog or cat. SCHS does not hide the fact that we are an open access facility and that we do euthanize. Nor does SCHS offer any kind of guarantee or warranty on whether we can keep an animal or for how long we may be able to keep an animal.

It is for these reasons that SCHS encourages people to micro-chip their pets. We scan every animal for the presence of a micro-chip. We also encourage people to make a report to us and on various lost and found pages as early as possible after a pet has gone missing.

Waiting Patiently for their New Leash on Life

All of our animals are precious and all are equally deserving of Forever Homes. We do not have higher adoption fees for full-blood dogs, because in our line of work, that is just not important. Large, small, pure-blood, pure-mix - doesn't make any difference to us. Other than the special discounts we offer for some of our harder to place dogs, i.e., those who are older or have special needs, all our dogs are equally loved and equally worried about. 

Black Dog Syndrome

Remember Black Beauty? Come visit our canine Black Beauties. We highlight most of our black dogs with an extra discount as our answer to the high numbers of black dogs who end up in rescues and shelters across the country. Visit with our staff about a possible discount for our black or predominantly black dogs. NOTE: the discount may not apply to all dogs; puppies and pure-bred dogs may be excluded from the discount, depending on adoptability. Visit with Shelter staff if you have any questions or have an inquiry about a particular dog


Board MembersDestiny Barker Ahlfenger * Gina Baker * Ula Karen Brenneis * Max Daughtrey * Robin Emerson * Vicki Fiorillo * Michael Harris * Sarah Johnson * Kelly Nelson * Kelly Place * Peggy Perdue * Carol Ann Stevenson * Dana Thibodeaux * Liz Watts * Patti Whitaker * Colleen Whitfield * Floyd Wininger


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